Watch 2 minute videos with our track chairs, featured speakers, and special guests for DrupalCon Prague. For more, click one of the podcasts to the right for full length audio interviews.

Contribution Sprints

Andrea Soper and Cathy Theys talk about the sprints that will happen around DrupalCon Prague


Jochen Lillich and Jon Topper talk about the DevOps track at DrupalCon Prague

Business + Strategy

Janne Kalliola and Jakob Persson discuss the Business and Strategy track at DrupalCon Prague.

Site Building

Track chair Ivo Van Geertruyen, and featured speakers Bojan Živanović and Kristof De Jaeger discuss the site building track for DrupalCon Prague.

Coding and Development

Track chair Cameron Tod and featured speaker Alex Pott discuss the coding and development track at DrupalCon Prague.

Community Summit

Addison Berry and MortenDK give their take on what the Community Summit is, and why you should attend.

Global Content Leads

Rick Nashleanas and Jozef Toth (Global content leads for DrupalCon Prague) welcome you to attend DrupalCon Prague.

Core Conversations

Learn from Core Conversations lead Gábor Hojtsy, along with Cathy Theys and Shannon Vettes from the D8 core team, about their vision for the Core Conversations track and find out why you should attend AND submit sessions.

Meet Content Lead Jos Doekbrijder

Meet Jos, our content lead! Jos extends a warm welcome to all to attend DrupalCon Prague and to submit a session during our call for papers, which ends 12 July 2013.

DrupalCon Prague interviews are provided courtesy of Modules Unraveled.

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