Usability Bootcamp: Evaluating and Improving Your Drupal Designs

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Students registered for this course have the option of being transferred to a different course or receiving a full refund.

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How do you really know what your users want? How do you ensure your designs work for users? How can you be confident that your design changes improve your site. To answer these questions, Acquia's Christine Perfetti, has put together a one-day Usability Bootcamp, to provide you with the skills to evaluate and improve your designs.

Over the course of the day, you'll learn all of the steps to conduct your own usability tests, including how to plan the tests, recruit users, facilitate the sessions, analyze the data, and communicate the results.

Course Objectives

In the Usability Bootcamp, you'll learn:

* How to plan all of the steps for a successful usability test: how to plan the tests, recruit users, facilitate the sessions, analyze the data, and communicate the results.

* How to take advantage of advanced usability methods only practiced by the most experienced design teams: Among the techniques you'll learn about: 5 second page tests, comprehension tests, catalog-based tests, surrogate testing, and inherent value tests.

*How to conduct remote research with users. Christine will share the most effective techniques for conducting usability tests remotely.

* What makes a good task? Christine will show you how to write tasks that get you the answers you're seeking. You'll review examples of both good and poor scenarios.

*How to become a better facilitator. You'll learn proven techniques for keeping the participants relaxed while they share their frustrations and delights with the design.

* The best ways to analyze the test results. You'll see how to decide what to report and how it can best help your particular audience, whether it's senior management or members of the technical staff.

The day is jam packed with hands-on exercises to evaluate your designs with users. We've also planned for lots of discussion time so you can adapt these new techniques to your own practice.


Attendees should bring their laptop, so they can test their web site with real users.


9-10: Conduct your first usability test
10:00- 10:30: Planning your usability study
10:30: 11: Creating tasks to evaluate your web sites
11:30: Exercise: Write your usability tasks
11:30 - 12: Exercise: Usability test your product
1-2: The KJ exercise: The best technique for prioritizing usability findings
2-2:30: Analyzing test results
2:45 - 3:15: Communicate the results
3:15 - 4:15: Advanced research techniques
4:15 - 5: Q&A

Target Audience: 

Developers and designers looking to take their Drupal sites to the next level

Meet the Trainers: 

Christine Perfetti is the Senior Director of User Experience at Acquia, where she leads a talented team of interaction designers, visual designers and user researchers. If you've ever met Christine, you know she's passionate about teaching designers and developers how to tackle their biggest problems. For more than a decade, she has taught hundreds of teams and consulted with dozens of clients on user experience techniques.

With her extensive knowledge of human factors and user research techniques, Christine has been a top-rated presenter at the User Interface Conference, the Internet Marketing Conference, CHI, and the Usability Professionals' Association Conference. She's co-presented with User Interface Engineering's Jared Spool at many User Experience and Design events, including the UIE Roadshow. Christine has also taught Human Factors at the Tufts University Gordon Institute for Engineering Management.

Before joining Acquia, Christine was VP & Managing Director at User Interface Engineering, a leading user research, training, and consulting firm. Christine managed UIE's UX consultants and developed presentations and workshops taught throughout the United States and Europe.

Lisa Rex is the Senior User Experience Researcher at Acquia, where she leads the UX research team. Lisa has a varied background in Drupal site building, UX research, QA and once upon a time, called herself a web designer.

In addition to contributions to Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 UX improvements, Lisa other contributions to Drupal include improvements, Drupal distributions and patches, and she has spoken at Drupalcon Portland, Drupalcon Copenhagen, Drupalcon Chicago, and Frontend United Amsterdam, as well as several Drupalcamps in the USA.

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