The Drupal Association is very excited to announce DrupalCon Prague, the tenth annual European DrupalCon, taking place at the Prague Congress Centre on 23-27 September 2013 in the Czech Republic city of Prague.

This world-class event will be essential to attend for anyone using, or considering using Drupal as their content management platform.

Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal, will keynote the opening session and talk about the future of Drupal, and welcome new and old users alike.

Additional keynotes and registration will be announced very soon.

About DrupalCon Prague

Inspired by Prague and its astronomical clock, DrupalCon Prague’s theme, "One to Many" embodies and explores the maturation of Drupal, and the dichotomy between its evolution and the constancy of its community values, the history and future of Drupal as a project and as a community.

Much like its host city, Drupal continues to evolve with the world and its possibilities over time, yet does so with a keen eye toward preserving the core values of its community. Just as Prague has meticulously preserved its classicism and architecture into the modern age, Drupal’s community actively safeguards its core values of openness, accessibility, and inclusion, even as the technology has entered the realm of major enterprise platforms.

The dichotomy of evolution and authenticity that gives Prague its unique appeal is also what gives Drupal its power. Drupal’s maturation into a platform that is both powerful and adaptable is a direct outcome of the aforementioned values espoused and protected by its community.

Just as the iconic clock can inspire the artist, the mechanist, and the anthropologist, Drupal brings new possibilities to the mega-corporation and the grassroots organization alike. The developer, the designer, the content creator, and the businessperson can all derive their own inspiration from Drupal’s tools and applications.

Here, where avant garde meets classical, East meets West, and new meets old, DrupalCon Prague seeks to celebrate Drupal’s maturation, explore its future, and reinforce the community and values that brought us to where we are today.