Help Mentor New Contributors

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We are looking for volunteers to serve as mentors to help new contributors at our Get Involved with Core sprint on Friday the 27 September. Mentors help new contributors set up their development environments, find tasks, and work on issues. We will hold a Contribution Sprints and Training session that will help prepare mentors. (Be sure to attend this session!)

Here's how you can help

  • Helping identify tasks in a BoF following the Contribution Sprints and Training session.
  • Attending BoFs during the week to help people set up their tools and local development environment.
  • Mentoring for a half day or the whole day during the Contribution Sprint on 27 September.
  • Assisting participants in the Community Tools Workshop.
  • Reviewing participants' work on the day of the sprint.
  • Attending an IRC meeting one week following the conferene to review work from the sprint.