Drupal 8, Backbone and REST: Building the client-side application layer

We've crossed the boundary from supporting legacy browsers as a default and experimenting with modern browser features, to living fully in the rich data and APIs of a capable web browser. Whereas Drupal 7 core is biased to delivering page-based HTML content, Drupal 8 will ship with the fundamental ability to deliver content in any pluggable serialized format -- HTML, JSON, XML to name a few.

We'll have JSON as a native data type and a REST API to get and update through. What we don't have yet, is a stable and useful client side application layer that knows how to talk to Drupal in terms of its data models.

We want to build that layer in the Backbone project. The 8.x branch already exists and we have several issues that will kickstart this develop in the project queue.

What we need now are front end developers who want to see this Backbone layer come into existence; and who want to help us get there.

This BoF is not an introduction to Backbone. It is not a discussion of how to build a front end application. Please don't take this to mean that you need to be a Backbone expert to join the discussion. Far from it. You might be leading a development shop that wants to get into front end application projects -- come discuss your needs. You might be a spunky front end dev who wants a good challenge and smart collaborators -- please, come chat with us. And if you are a Backbone expert, then don't miss this BoF.

We will discuss what the Backbone project needs to provide to front end developers to help them bootstrap their projects. We'll go through the notes that were assembled through a discussion with the Bocoup group in Boston. From these notes, we'll distill the issues that we need to log and then prioritize we'll prioritize them.

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Wednesday · 15:45-16:45