Drupal8 Launch Initiative

Drupal 8 will land during early 2014 but with it rock onto the global stage triumphantly? You have the power to make it happen. Back in 2011 when Drupal 7 shipped, the Dutch community made sure it arrived with real impact.

BarisW and I invite you join in an open discussion on how as a community we can make a huge impact when #Drupal8 launches.

Who should come?

Got a crazy marketing stunt, way out awesome idea for a launch party, amazing plan which deserves a wider audience? Bring your ideas, come offer to lend a hand. We are specifically seeking:

Official launch web site

  • Front end developers
  • Back end developers
  • Developers with experience of social media apis

Promotional activity

  • DrupalCamp Organisers
  • Meetup organisers
  • Drupal Community Leaders
  • Social media experts
  • Email marketers

Are you a front end developer, social media user / dev, passionate Drupal community leader or just want to help spread the word? Make sure you attend this BoF!

Can't be there?

Can't be in Prague? We need global reach for this to work, so we'll do our best to get a Google Hangout up and record the session so you can get involved.We need the power of the huge Drupal community behind this. Contact me via Twitter or D.O to reach out.

Google Doc

If you attend the BoF or would like to become involved please add your details to the BoF Google Doc

Schedule Information
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 14:15-15:15


Hey Baris, we'll be happy to help with the launch of Drupal8 (and the testing during the run up to the blessed event). http://openshift.com already has a Drupal 8 quick start that was developed with help from @Phase2's Steven Merrill
it's all OPEN SOURCE
we're demo-ing it at DrupalCon at our community day event on http://openshiftprague.eventbrite.com/ if you want to learn more about it and get involved

We'd love to participate in making Drupal8 the greatest Drupal yet!

See you in Prague!


I fail to see how this is related to this initiative. We want to gather a bunch of great people to come up with great ideas for a launch website, like the drupal7releaseparty.org website in 2011. We need UX designers, interaction designers, social media experts and the like.

I must say the whole comment feels a bit spammy to me, but correct me if I'm wrong.

The Drupal.org Content Working Group has been working on some Drupal 8 launch content and resources for Drupal.org, and it would be good to coordinate efforts here. Unfortunately, this BoF occurs opposite our two-hour working session on Wednesday afternoon. If it's possible to move it an hour later, I'm sure there are a few folks from the DCWG who'd love to participate.