flux integration of remote services

The flux Services Integration module serves as a framework to easily integrate any kind of web services. While it has been created for the fluxkraft module suite, it is totally useful on its own as well.

Some existing integrations...

Some features

  • Drupal8 style, OOP development in Drupal 7
  • A simple class-based plugin system, including discovery
  • Plugin types for exposing new service endpoint and service account plugins
  • Service endpoint and account base classes for easy implementation of OAuth (1 or 2) based on Guzzle
  • Base-classes for easy remote entity creation, including metadata
  • Class-based plugin discovery for exposing (remote) entity types
  • Remote-entity integration with EFQ, including useful base classes

In this session we'd like to present the module to interested developers, i.e. explain the overall architecture and ideas, discuss what it takes to integrate a new service and show and explain some of the code.

We'll meet at the 4th floor (lunch area), where the stairs come up.

Schedule Information
Time slot: 
Thursday · 13:00-14:00