Prototyping for client feedback

You've probably heard about designing in the browser. You may already be doing so!

The benefits are obvious – rapid, responsive, cross-device user testing and a more honest deliverable than flat jpgs for the client to sign off on.

But how do you connect your decision decisions to the prototype? How do you capture feedback? These are incredibly important aspects of the project process that can be done easily with a PDF or web tools like InVision Prototypes, yet suddenly become harder with an HTML prototype.

Let's get together and discuss the best approach. I'll share some of the methods I have developed and I'd love you to share yours!

Areas of discussion include

  • Maximising face-to-face client workshops / live prototype editing (including CSS synching from the inspector)
  • Using annotations to explain design decisions
  • Capturing client feedback directly on an HTML prototype
Schedule Information
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 13:00-14:00