Omega 4

Omega 4.x, although production ready, has been in beta-phase for several months. As we are improving the documentation and further polishing the theme we are now getting closer to a first release candidate (RC1) release.

At the beginning of this BoF we will finally tag and celebrate the full Omega 4.0 release. Be there when we hit the button to push the release tag to!

Directly following the release we will talk about Omega 4, theming (and site-building) best practices, the dream front-end development stack and how to set it up, Sass and various accompanying Ruby Gems (e.g. for grid frameworks, breakpoints, globbing, etc.), additional tools and techniques (like Guard, Grunt, Bower, LiveReload, etc.), the responsive web, theme project management including SMACSS/OOCSS approaches, BEM syntax ... and simply everything theming related.

Schedule Information
Time slot: 
Tuesday · 11:45-13:00


If there is anything specifc that you would like to discuss during the BoF feel free to add a comment here so I can prepare for your questions/discussion topics.