Druplicon RIP! Long Live Druplicon!

Lets add a little bit of Drama to DrupalCon Europe as the tradition demands ;)

As its been stated by a countless of Designery types & other fine people, Druplicon is aged, old & outdated. The DrupalCommunity need a little bit of love & lets be honest, 80% of the geeks love their terminal and would like to have Druplicon be ASCII art.

Lets share sketch books & talk about where we can bring Druplicon in the future - and make Drupal look amazing :)

This BOF is called after i was the work & thoughts thats been done here: https://drupal.org/node/2057767

This will be a more creative session, so if you just wanna whine over somebody wanna play with the Druplicon, please wait untill theres a result.


Schedule Information
Time slot: 
Wednesday · 15:45-16:45