Geocaching in Prague!

If anyone around the Drupal community is into Geocaching too, I would like to visit the city through this nice adventure game.

Please RSVP if you want to join, because if no-one shows interest I won't wait ;-)

Date and time: 
Wednesday, 25 September, 2013 - 18:00 to 23:00
Location and Address: 

We will meet at the left of the gate 5 of the Prague Congress Center (where we did the group photo on Tuesday).


For those who have a general idea what Geocaching is, but have never done it before, can you give a quick "who or what to take with, how many are needed, what to wear..."

My plan is to go by walking to the city centre, so there we can have two or three pivas if needed ;-)

Sorry for the lack of info.

"who or what to take with, how many are needed, what to wear..."

We are doing city geocaching, so ideally no special wearing is needed in this case, and it is an activity that you can make with friends or just alone.

I usually am equipped with a handheld gps (but a mobile can suffice, if you have android, there is an opensource app called c:geo). Replacement batteries are a must. You need a pen for signing too!
Registering on is needed too, but you can do it afterwards so no worries.

For the geocaching itself, I usually have tweezers for the small or difficult hides, sometimes a power magnet can help.
But part of the adventure is that you don't really now how the hides and recipients will be, so you cannot plan for everything. Geohiders are creative sometimes, so geocachers must be creative too.

Because we are going as a group, I think that we can have some fun (and some founds) without any special equipment (I am already somehow prepared), so don't hesitate to join!