Over 1600 tickets sold, which countries are leading the way?

DrupalCon Prague is proving to be our fastest selling European conference yet and with over 1600 tickets sold to date, to people from all over the world, which countries are leading the way in registrations?

Top registrations by country

    United Kingdom - 193
    United States - 149
    Belgium - 144
    Denmark - 135
    Germany - 119
    Netherlands - 67
    France - 56
    Finland - 50
    Czech Republic - 44
    Sweden - 42

Fewer than three weeks remain until DrupalCon Prague and while already over 56 countries are represented in the registrations, it's not too late to add your country to the lineup! If you're holding onto a prepaid ticket or sponsor code, why wait to redeem it? Register today using your code, or buy your ticket if you haven't already, and watch this map grow!

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As the proud danes (and former conquers of the british) and just out of the top 3 i do need to correct the assumption of UK beeing "a country" its a collection of scotland, england, wales & n. ireland


Foul play i say - lets have the real numbers!
The vikings demands a recount - add Sweden, norway & iceland (greenland as well btw) under the Danish Banner (cause that fair & we have the oldest one!) 135 + 42= 177 + Norway + iceland

Drupal have been made epic by TOTAL VIKING POWER!

As a Swede, it's of course unthinkable and beyond to be sorted under the Danish banner (or any other Danish rule or supremacy). However, since Sweden carries the torch of the Nordic light and in the best of ways forefronts the scandinavian traditions, both historically and contemporary, a recount could be done appropriately under the Swedish banner :)

Now now Morten, we all know you're just jealous you don't have a Kingdom!! ;-)

Has there been as many countries represented at a Con before? Is there any stats from previous Cons on this anybody know of? 56 countries is a great number!

We are four (at least) coming from the true Viking Island, Iceland. Since Icelanders are only 320 thousand, 4/320.000 (0,00125%) is quite larger number than 42/9.555.893 (0.000439%) (Sweden) or the staggering 119/80.399.300 (0.000148%) (Germany), I demand that we use percentage of total population as a measurement! That will give us second place, after Denmark!

Hi Mohammed, i would be interested in taking over your ticket.

Our long lost viking brothers of Iceland do speak the voice of reason!

To our swedish illbreeded half cousins: bow down under a yellow & blue flag is an impossible fantasy - just as the countless try of burning down our beloved city of copenhagen, the crownjewel of scandinavia!

Will offer to not free the occupied zones of halland, skåne & blekinge in the near future - Unity now under the DrupalViking banner is of highest priority.

May i also remind the english that they are behind on the DaneGeld & we do humbly suggest they donate the silver to Drupal Association

As always our Scandinavian Viking seem to forget that any statistical measurement should also take into account the surface of each country. With that taken into account Belgian should in effect take first place in this list. Diplomatic as we Belgians are, we refrained from comments when the original list was published, but now we must react. We Belgians are rightfully entitled to the bronze metal and will take further actions to stop his majesty's media campaign!