Watch DrupalCon Prague Live, courtesy of Brightcove

There are so many ways you can virtually participate at DrupalCon Prague if you are not attending the conference.

We'll be streaming each of our three keynotes, plus the morning Welcome to Drupal(Con) session and Thursday closing session, beginning today, at 8:00 CEST.

Livestream schedule

Time Event Hashtag
Tuesday at 08:00 Tutti Fan' Drupal #drupalcon
Tuesday at 09:00 Keynote Dries Buytaert #DriesNote
Wednesday at 09:00 Keynote Lisa Welchman #DCLisa
Thursday at 09:00 Keynote Aral Balkan #DCAral
Thursday at 15:30 Closing Session #DC2015

Have a burning question you want to ask our keynotes? Our content lead Jos Doekbrijder will be fielding and moderating your twitter questions in real time, to ask Dries, Lisa, and Aral following each keynote presentation.

Send in your request for Drupal Radio

Help build the DrupalCon Prague playlist! Use the #DrupalConDJ hashtag to tweet in your song request and/or dedication before and after the Keynotes each day, even if you're not attending!

Other ways to connect