Drupal Sitebuilder


Building sites on Drupal is easy for you; Drupal has a module for almost everything - and you know all the useful ones by name. If there's a feature you don't already know how to implement, you'll know where to get help.

The easy modules or tweaks you can do yourself, and when it comes to the more complex and extensive modules you'll be happy to leave it for your team's hard-core coders. If your project's front-end developer isn't too familiar with Drupal, that's no problem either; you can easily convert his html/css/js output to a responsive Drupal theme.

Even if Drupal is your first choice when it comes to CMSs, you've been in the business for so long that you know better than to be narrow-minded about tools or technologies. As a company we believe in continuous learning and knowledge sharing - if you're not up for it, don't apply.

Feel like this could be your next challenge? Send your application and CV to jobs@exove.fi and don't forget to include your salary wish.

Exove is one of the leading Nordic companies specialising in open source web services design and development, Drupal being a major spearhead. The company was founded in 2006, and today we have a total of about 60 people working in our Helsinki and Tallinn offices. We are constantly searching for new professional and ambitious people to join our hard-working team.