Tracks make up the session content at DrupalCon Prague, cover a variety of topics, and span from beginner to advanced user levels. Sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted.

Business and Strategy

Janne Kalliola, George DeMet, Bert Boerland

The business and strategy track focuses on different aspects of the Drupal business, ranging fro acquiring new business, managing projects, and successfully meeting the clients' needs. Come learn business practices to help your company be stronger and healthier!

Main themes

  • How to more effectively deliver successful Drupal projects on time and on budget.
  • How to better engage with customers and stakeholders throughout the project lifecycle
  • Techniques for managing the new business process and customer acquisition
  • Case studies that demonstrate how Drupal can be used to solve complex business problems and foster innovation


Aimed at Drupal businesses like web development agencies, business owners, executives, project managers, and decision-makers responsible for web and digital marketing strategies.

Coding and Development

Cameron Tod, Karyn Casio, Stefan Freudenberg

The coding track aims to educate, inspire, and facilitate communication on all aspects of coding in the Drupal ecosystem. DrupalCon Prague will feature sessions that demonstrate the power of Drupal to deliver, consume, and transform content across disparate platforms. One Drupal platform - many channels.

Main themes

  • Leveraging new paradigms in Drupal 8: improving your projects and workflows
  • Drupal as an application platform
  • Integrating Drupal’s API with other systems and libraries


Web developers, Devops. People who think in code. People who have an opinion on naming conventions. Experienced and new Drupalists alike. Current or aspiring developers welcome.


Jochen Lillich, Kevin Bridges, Kris Buytaert

Lean and Agile IT processes are keys to a successful business, as proven by many small and medium companies, increasingly even by big enterprises. These kinds of processes can only be effective where software development and IT operations go hand in hand -- in other words, where DevOps culture is growing. DevOps in practice means finding ways to automate changes, measuring the effectiveness of these processes and sharing the insight that we gain on the way with everyone.

With one website, one server (be it virtual or dedicated), and one person responsible, the effort to put this new way of doing IT into practice may seem like overkill. A robust foundation is going to pay off as soon as “one” becomes “many”. Which tends to happen more often than one expects...

Main themes

  • Automating the deployment and operation of Drupal websites
  • Measuring and monitoring the quality of both our hosting and our processes.


If you’d like to learn how to launch and maintain your Drupal website efficiently, this is the track for you!


Jesper Wøldiche, Ken Woodworth, Josef Toth

Building functionable, usable, high-performing and beautiful websites requires you to go beyond the framework. Having a framework to build on - no matter how flexible and powerful - is only the first step.

This year's frontend track will focus on implementing established best practices in both design, workflow and code and exploring cases that stretch the boundaries of what can be done with Drupal.

Main themes

  • Twig! Because come September, you’ll need to be up to speed.
  • De-druplifying the user experience (and the editing experience for that matter)
  • Mobile, tools, techniques
  • Frontend performance
  • Interactive maps and visualizations


Targeted at front-end developers, user experience developers, web designers, content editors, project managers and site builders.

Site Building

Ivo Van Geertruyen, Lindsay Ogden, Florian Loretan

While Drupal offers a feature-complete content management framework out-of-the box, its true power lies in the vast ecosystem of modules, themes, distributions and installation profiles developed by thousands of volunteers. Learn how to unlock Drupal’s full potential by selecting and configuring the right building blocks for your projects.

Main Themes

  • Learn about improvements and new features in Drupal 8
  • Discover modules, themes and techniques to tailor Drupal for any purpose
  • See how you can pamper visitors with accessible, localized and responsive multi-device websites
  • Explore distributions and installation profiles offering different out-of-the box Drupal flavors
  • Get the most out of Drupal without writing a single line of code


Anyone interested in creating great websites without the need to invest in custom development and leveraging Drupal’s existing components to creatively solve problems facing web builders.

Core Conversations

Gábor Hojtsy, Larry Garfield, Dries Buytaert

While regular sessions focus on educating and illuminating, core conversations focus on discussions and planning. This is where people actively working and contributing to Drupal core or meet, discuss, and plan the future of Drupal. This is the place for big ideas about the future of Drupal, as well as discussions about where we want to go and how we're going to get there.

Main themes

  • Tasks for the upcoming Drupal 8.0 release
  • Plans for contributed module upgrades
  • Making better for core and contributed development
  • What did we do right and wrong with Drupal 8, how to improve for Drupal 9 and beyond
  • Making Drupal development sustainable
  • How do we facilitate big changes in Drupal 9
  • New frontiers that Drupal 9 should adapt to

Session Format

Each session is either one 30 minute presentation or two 15 minute presentations, followed by 30 minutes of discussion with the audience.

Target Audience

Those already or wanting to be actively engaged in pushing Drupal forward whether it be via the community, the development process, code, or some other aspect critical to our development.

If you are new to Drupal or simply want to learn more about Drupal and Drupal development then you will get far more out of the regular sessions, particularly from site building and developer sessions.


Amelia Berkeley, Jeffery A. "jam" McGuire

This new track concept being introduced at DrupalCon Prague will consist of longer, 2.5 hour sessions. It is designed to give an opportunity to dive deeper into topics than “regular” sessions allow.

This is your chance to go deep into a special area of knowledge or exploration share its mysteries and wonders with your peers. The most successful sessions will not follow the standard "lecturer talks at attendee model", but rather hands-on, interactive, or group-focused sessions that take people somewhere. They can present a well-known, real-world problem in search of a collaborative solution, or they can take a case-study approach, beginning in known territory and journeying from there.

Anyone from any discipline within Drupal is welcome to submit a deep-dive session. Lab sessions and participation space is limited, so get that deep-dive session in!

Lab Formats

Here are some examples of relevant subjects for this track:

  • Core Conversations, but not for core: This session could involve sitting down together and figuring out how to make some part of Drupal work better. Work it through, make plans, do good!
  • Master Class: An expert or team of experts holds session on their area of expertise. A call for subjects gets 3 people with relevant real-world (real website) problems to come to the session. The experts – and the whole room – work through the problems, solve them (hopefully), and teach and learn together along the way.
  • Lab: Go deep deep deep into the thing that obsesses you ... and hopefully lots of others.


DrupalCon attendees looking for more in-depth, practical content than a typical session can provide. Targeted at intermediate to advanced users interested in exploring their Drupal knowledge laterally (ie, sitebuilders learning frontend), to grow their existing experience (level up from intermediate to advanced), to extend their tool suite (become familiar with new tools, methodologies), and to put knowledge into practice (live fixes and troubleshooting).

Business Showcase

For companies serious about growth in today's world, having the right suite of tools and knowledge of current trends is critical. Come hear sponsored business-level content and meet with Drupal businesses to fill up your toolbox with helpful tips and advice from leaders in our industry.