Agile Monitoring with Sensu

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Sensu is a monitoring and metrics solution that was designed to be cloud-friendly, configuration-management friendly, and hackable. Sensu is a useful tool for monitoring any Drupal deployment, small or large, although Sensu's flexibility enables elegant and effective monitoring of dynamic modern infrastructures.

We’ll briefly go over the architecture, background, installation of Sensu. From there we will jump into some advanced use-cases where Sensu’s flexibility shines, from managing monitoring noise with a dynamic cloud server fleet, to flexible remediations, monitoring multi-tenant configurations (i.e. more than one MySQL server per box), and complex escalation schemes and service integrations. We’ll save some time to go over audience use-cases.

Sensu is written in Ruby, but checks can be written in PHP or any language. More important than any Ruby experience is a desire to monitor better, to know more about your systems, and some experiences with difficult-to-monitor configurations or tools that seemed to get in the way.

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Thursday · 10:45-11:45


Thanks clouseau ;) I actually didn't know about the module, but a few folks mentioned it after the talk, it's exactly the sort of thing I was thinking of. Somebody was asking about something like the '' script, that is a good Drupal-specific example.