Drush Optimizations for your Development Workflow

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This is a hands-on lab designed for module developers who want to learn more about writing Drush commands and configuring Drush settings files to get the most out of your development workflow. You have probably used Drush many times to make your Drupal development and site building tasks easier and faster. Now, learn how a little customization can reduce typing and increase efficiency.

Bring your laptop!

Install Drush 6 (or pull the latest from the master branch) before the lab. Having a Drupal dev site installed would also be helpful, although not required.

We are going to put you fully in the driver's seat for this lab. We'll be combining aspects of a presentation, a training session and a sprint to get you writing code to provide Drush integration for the modules that you authored or use frequently. Whether you are an experienced module developer or just a dabbler in php, we'll show you that creating a Drush extension can be quick and easy.

What if I don't have a laptop?

All are welcome; if you don't have a laptop with you, try teaming up with other lab participants and work together on a common goal.

Upon completion of this lab, participants will understand how contrib modules should integrate with Drush, and will have a deeper understanding of how to utilize Drush configuration features for maximum benefit.

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Thursday · 13:00-15:15


It would have been helpful to know beforehand that PHP 5.4 on the laptop would be required. I was unable to follow along since the point where 'runserver' failed, so spent a while re-installing a new build of PHP instead.
I run Acquia dev desktop most of the time.

@dman: I'm sorry that you spent time installing php during the lab! That shouldn't have been necessary. I run php 5.3, and runserver works just fine on my system. Drush uses an external library when php 5.4 is not available; a server is built-in to 5.4, so upgrading is one solution, but it seems it shouldn't be necessary. Drush should automatically download the external library; I'm not sure why it did not do that for you. In any event, the 'runserver' portion of the lab was not critical to the rest of it, so you could have skipped doing that until later.