Proviso: Vagrant based development standardized!

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In the beginning there was MAMP, XAMPP, and WAMP. Then there was Acquia Dev Desktop.

We all tracked down configuration issues individually on systems that were nothing like production and no one ever had a local solr, memcache, or redis setup.

There had to be a better way… And then there was!

It's called vagrant. Vagrant allows you to virtualize your development environment so that it is completely reproducible and so that it can perfectly mirror production.

You may have tried (and perhaps succeeded) in rolling a custom Vagrant-based virutal server setup for your team. So have we. From scratch. At each of our companies. Over and over. This is why we decided to combine our efforts and to start a new project called Proviso!

At Drupalcon Portland, devop-sy members of Zivtech, Kalamuna, Myplanet Digital, Koubmit, Reality Loop and more converged on the problem over (many) beers. This group of concerned citizens and organizations is growing and now working under the shared banner **Proviso**. This effort intends to combine the features and communal knowledge developed in the production of the Kalabox, Ariadne, Zivtech Vagrant VM projects in a single shared community project.

Proviso aims to be an SDK+API to provision platform-independent local VMs for Drupal development. The project seeks to develop an extensible framework and ecosystem for developers to achieve parity with multiple production deployment targets (initially targeting parity with Acquia and Pantheon), as well as a one-click installer control panel that makes advanced local development accessible.

This presentation will demonstrate the current state of Proviso and how you can use it with your team, review and explain the design goals, invite your feedback, and explain how you can participate.

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Thursday · 13:00-14:00