Your first Drupal 8 module

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Drupal 8 will be a whole new animal. Module development will no longer consist of "throw hooks at it until it works" but a careful construction of services, plugins, controllers, and listeners. Keeping a Drupal 8 site happy involves fewer arrays and more objects for it to play with. And what's this HttpKernel thing?

This session will be a hands-on tour of the new systems in Drupal 8. Attendees will be walked through the process of writing a module for Drupal 8, with an exploration of the new system's architecture along the way. Also, cute animals.

Topics to cover

  • Services (No, not web services)
  • The state system
  • Plugins (All the things!)
  • Blocks (They're cool now)
  • Controllers and Routes
  • Event listeners
  • Configuration and deployment
  • Entities

What to bring

  • A laptop with a working development environment
  • A fresh Drupal 8 checkout, already installed
  • A desire to get a jump on Drupal 8
  • Your favorite stuffed animal (You'll see why...)
Schedule Information
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Tuesday · 13:00-15:15


Crell architected half the stuff discussed in this session, and robeano is a great teacher, so you couldn't ask for a better pair. An intro to Drupal 8 module dev seems like the exact kind of thing labs were made for.

webchick, effulgentsia and I have a related (but also importantly different) proposal:
Our goal in that lab is to have a hands-on session to get D7 contrib upgraded to D8 as quickly and painlessly as possible.

This lab sounds really valuable for a different reason: What makes a module has changed in Drupal 8. The way we think about modules has changed in Drupal 8; they're no longer just buckets of hooks and sprawling arrays in a few includes files. So having a deep dive into the new "Drupal 8 think" sounds awesome.

I don't quite understand why the summary "suggests" that hooks are obsolete considering the module handler stills makes use of them. I assume the intention in Drupal 9 will be to deprecate or completely remove hooks but from a Drupal 8 standpoint they still exist in the masses. Looking at the module handler no reference is being made to the event dispatcher or anything that would suggest that new Drupal 8 modules can do away with hooks.

Surely this is a subset of and therefore a waste of very limited conference space that could have been used on a different topic.
Does a beginners class even satisfy the "Meet the Drupal Labs initiative" criterion of "Go deep, deep, deep into the thing that obsesses you"?

Is this "targeted at intermediate to advanced users"

This session is a D8-beginner, but for a D7 dev that's an intermediate to advanced topic. :-) It's also a hands-on workshop; attendees will be coding. Which means, bring your laptops and a very fresh Drupal 8 checkout!

Will be attending this with a fresh Drupal 8 Check Out.... But cant get a stuffed animal. Can I borrow urs?? :P