The secret recipe for creating vendor lock-in

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Ever heard of good IT support?

Ever heard people acclaim how their IT help desk speaks in terms they can understand?

Ever seen a customer who's more confident in their software vendor after a serious server crash than before it?

What if people would say YES to all of the above and reference your support by name?

What if you could be that company, that developer, that freelancer who makes the exception to the rule?

How, you ask? We've had some ideas of our own and stolen the rest from other industries. We've tested the ideas on real customers and iterated the methods to create Drupal support and maintenance that will create a powerful vendor lock-in – the clients can't imagine switching to another vendor because our service is just too good.

In this session we'll give away all of our best tricks. The methods are simple and easy, but at the same time extremely powerful. We'll walk you through some case examples of how to act when the "thing" hits the fan and how to recover from problems being stronger and more reliable than ever before.

Support and maintenance matters. If you do an average project and offer best-of-breed support, your customer satisfaction will be great. If you perform the other way around… you get the point. The money follows customer satisfaction.

If you think Drupal support and maintenance is a technical job, you're doing it wrong.

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Thursday · 10:45-11:45


We have also reserved a BoF slot straight after the session so we can continue the discussion and change experiences on this subject. Feel free to join us there :)