Drupal Chef: Bork Bork Bork!

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Opscode Chef is an open source systems integration framework, meant to reduce "one off" server building, allowing scalable architecture to be easily replicated, but also to allowing you to keep development, staging and production boxes in sync.. You write (and/or seek out) basic recipes to describe how you want each part of your infrastructure to be built. We'll discuss using Chef in a Drupal context.

Starting from scratch with simple server concepts like a fully managed LAMP stack, we'll add in Drupal installation, Drush, and so on.

We'll then bring in options like Jenkins, Behat, logging, redundancy, and more... showing how all of these tools help to build stable environments that you know work and work well.

Humor, especially of a muppet variety, will be key to making this presentation bearable. Wakka Wakka!

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Tuesday · 14:15-15:15


I'm at NYCCamp this weekend, but we can discuss it after that, especially if they approve it.

I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of this session at DrupalCampNH (http://drupalcampnh.org/) and it rocked! Seth provided a concise, clear and extremely entertaining take on the whole Chef ecosystem, starting from the top and delving right down into configuration code and a live demo. This session is completely worthwhile if you have anything to do with developing in a group.

I didn't actually do a 'live' demo, just a lively one... but thanks for the recommendation!!!