Drupal 8 Ready

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What are the core skills, tools and practices you will need to be Drupal 8 ready? How do you get them now?

Drupal 8 may be the biggest change in Drupal's history. For the first time, large parts of Drupal's core and API are disappearing, replaced by newer, more powerful systems. Drupal 8 also introduces new developer tools, such as the Plugin system, and radically different front-end changes, such as the introduction of Twig, and changes to the way responsive, accessible and mobile-friendly projects work.

This session will focus on the changes in Drupal 8 mean for developers, project managers, system administrators AND content managers, looking at what skills and knowledge are required, and how to get ready before Drupal 8 lands.

It will not be a technical deep dive, but promises a comprehensive and concise introduction to Drupal 8.

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Tuesday · 10:45-:11:45


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