Drupal Fit Thursday

After a few days of imbibing some of the finest brews available in the Czech Republic, Thursday would be an excellent day to give our livers a short break and get our sweat on! I challenge you DrupalCon Attendees, to see if you can complet one of my workouts. You won't be competing with me, but you will have to compete with yourself. I'm happy to host this event on Thursday if we generate some interest. Here's the workout, with beginner, intermediate, and advanced challenges:

Run/Jog 30 minutes then 3 sets total of the following,
60 jumping jack as fast as you can (proper jj's none of this bent arm stuff),
10beg, 15int, 20adv Spiderman Pushups,
10, 12, 15 Starjumps
10, 15, 20 Wall climbers,
12 single leg lunges to a high knee,
45 sec-1minute plank,
15-30 high knees (each side) as fast as possible,
Run/Jog/Crawl 20-30 more minutes

Anybody that can complete that workout, at any level, is pretty legit in my book! I'm up for the challenge, are you?

Also available to do it Sunday evening if anyone is around and interested!

email: aaron@aberdeencloud.com
twitter: Porter_AC

Date and time: 
Thursday, 26 September, 2013 - 17:30 to 19:00
Location and Address: 

There's a park near the conference that may be ideal for this.