From Home Page to Hypertext Preprocesser and back again

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Cryptic title? Then check out the origins of the acronym “PHP”. At this year’s Drupalcon, the air will be filled with talk of “the next big thing” – the magic of Drupal 8, e-commerce, big data, responsive design – the list is long. But perhaps it’s time to step back a bit and examine our origins. Maybe our FIRST big thing – the personal home page - needs to become our NEXT big thing.

Our community to revisit the needs of the user, not just those of the device. The more we focus on technological innovation, the less attention we pay to the social and political consequences of our work.

In this presentation, I’ll propose a three-step method for using our technology to provide truly personal home pages (for desktop and handheld devices alike). And not just for the end user. What can we do to meet the needs of those who are administering the backend? How can we help content providers? What can we do to improve personalization?

In short, I’ll show how we must work to put non-developers back into the equation and thus make Drupal even stronger!

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Tuesday · 10:45-:11:45