Results-Only Web Investments

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Building websites has gone from a technical service to one that serves to solve well-defined business problems. Gone are the days when everyone had to have a website only because it was expected. Today customers pay for a reason and for end results. Problem is, most web shops keep selling technical solutions to match feature-oriented requirements, never taking results or business goals, into consideration. As a result, shops are relegated to being specialist subcontractors and it results in projects rarely generating the kind of impact that is expected.

The shift to focusing on results is necessary to beat this trend of failed expectations. Turning from requirements-driven web development to result-only web investments generating tangible benefits may seem like a big leap, but brings advantages to both buyers and sellers. It fosters a culture of unified teamwork across all parties and takes away many of the causes for seller‚Äďbuyer distrust.

In this talk I will show you how to take the step from focusing on requirements to talking results with your customers and increasing your customer satisfaction and team happiness at the same time.

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Thursday · 13:00-14:00