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Last year a group of us from the Git migration began writing automated tests for version control on Our scratch-your-own-itch initiative quickly evolved, culminating in a suite of functional tests using Behat and Mink that encompass the entire site.

As we identified and documented over 675 scenarios, we learned a lot about the web site and are using that knowledge to support the upgrade to Drupal 7. But Behavior-Driven Development and its testing tools are about so much more than test automation. Quality begins long before code, long before even specification.

Using this new functional testing framework as a starting point, let's take a good long look at our human processes and consider how the community can continue to contribute effectively to the growth of

Let's consider efficiency, not the extract-all-value-from-the-workers kind, but a graceful workflow where we develop the very best collaborative infrastructure we can while we continue to learn from and enjoy our labor.

We'll look at this in three sections:

* A brief history of the test suite development
* A concise but detailed analysis of how the tests are used and maintained
* An analysis of past and current processes: decision-making, communication, and technical

* areas of strength
* critical opportunities for improvement

* Learn how to get involved with ongoing efforts
* Identify concrete next steps regarding improvements

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