Automated Acceptance Tests with Behat

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In March 2006, Dan North published an article in Better Software magazine entitled, "INTRODUCING BDD". BDD or Behavioural Driven Development is now understood to not be just a means to test our applications but to deliver applications that matter - applications that do what they were intended to do.

Behat is a tool that makes Behavioural Driven Development possible.

- Learn about Agile Project Development and the challenges in delivering and getting all the stake holders on board.
- Learn how testing can help us to deliver confidently.
- But where do we begin? What should we test? Where are the priorities?
- How do we sell testing to those paying for it?
- How shall the tests be written.
- Would you like a demo? You'll see one.

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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00


I've been wanting to find out more about this for ages. Can think of a million projects we've completed that would have massively benefited from this. See you in Prague! Thanks.