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Get functional testing for your module, theme, or distro

Module contributors write modules. Site builders add value to their Drupal sites by configuring those modules. No one really enjoys click-testing their sites to verify the combined functionality after updates. Treat yourself and your users to some powerful functional testing with the Drupal Extension to Behat and Mink!

In this 2.5 hour session, you will:

  • See the Drupal Extension in action
  • Learn how to configure it
  • Discover what steps it already supplies
  • See just how easy it is to add your module's tests
  • Create and test an example step for a contributed module
  • Talk about the possibility of Behat for Drupal 9 core
  • Discuss community best practices for contributed module Behat tests

But what if it's not your module? We'll conclude this session a discussion of more ways to share complex, reusable test steps.

We've created a Vagrant box which will be available on thumbdrive for people who want to get hands-on. Or, you can get your copy now, while you still have home bandwidth:

See for details

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Wednesday · 15:45-18:00