Building and Deploing Mediasalsa, a DAM as a Service

Click here to watch Building and Deploing Mediasalsa, a DAM as a Service.

MediaSalsa is the SAAS version of MediaMosa, a MultiMedia targeted Drupal Distribution that allows you to build Open Source Digital Asset Management platforms.

With development teams in The Netherlands and Kiev and Operations people
in Belgium , building this platform was a nice exercise in distributed
devops adoption.

This talk will share our experiences with you, from teaching developers to being teached by developers.
From automated Drupal deployments and continuous integration to Infrastructure as Code.
From Success to Failure and back.. including the obvious dns problems.

It took us about a year to go from concept to actual continuous
delivery, a year in which we learned a lot, automated a lot and measured a lot.
A year in which we build and rebuild dashboards, learned about the behaviour of our platform, fought with ffmpeg , in which we destroyed and created full new platforms (in approx 4 hours) and used mcollective to trigger drush commands

A year in which we learned about Culture, Automation, Metrics and now we want to Share ...

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Thursday · 10:45-11:45