Creating Responsive Drupal Prototypes with Angularjs

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Responsive Design is changing the way we build our Drupal sites. So why isn’t it changing the way we prototype and design as well?

Tractor is a Angularjs based framework that helps you build more modular and scalable prototypes right in the browser. Now you can go from Information Architecture to wireframes to prototypes to finished design all within a single codebase that closely mimics the code of a drupal theme.

By following this approach you will achieve greater understanding of your content types and layout needs. It will also assist in the creation of template files, views and themeing functions. Coupled with a module approach to CSS, you will greatly reduce the amount of time it will take to convert a finished prototype into a theme.

This presentation will demonstrate the prototyping of a simple website, and will explore lessons learned from using this method on several high profile client projects.

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Thursday · 10:45-11:45