Delivering Drupal at scale

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A series of lightning talks from the team at Capgemini, showcasing some approaches to the common issues of large scale development teams.

Building a scalable developer workflow

As your development team grows, and the rate of change of your project increases, it's inevitable that you'll encounter some issues with scaling your development process and keeping on top of all that change. With some lessons learnt at the coalface, we'll look at things that have worked, and some things that didn't go so well.

BDD and Behat: get your clients to write your tests

We’ll give you the lowdown on Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), a technique for agile requirements gathering and testing that takes the best of TDD (Test Driven Development) and enables non-technical stakeholders to write all of your acceptance tests in plain English.

We’ll give an insight on how you can use Behat to drive the development of your projects and enable your software developers and clients to have a shared tool and process to collaborate.

Get your bits in: easier site migration

It's highly unusual for enterprise clients to be building their first website. We'll look at the tools we've adopted and practices we've developed to take a structured, repeatable and testable approach to content migration.

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Wednesday · 15:45-16:45