Don't be STUPID, Grasp SOLID

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When it comes to Object Oriented Programming, there is no shortage of guidelines and principles for how to properly design an OO system. There is also no shortage of acronyms to describe these principles: DRY, SRP, LSP, LoD, ISP, OCP, etc. However, there are two acronyms that really shine through to describe how to, and how not to do OOP well. The two acronyms are SOLID and STUPID (respectively).

We will start off by discussing some of the underlying principles of Object Oriented Programming, and how we can learn from the principles identified by each of these two acronyms. Additionally, we'll explore some additional patterns and anti-patterns of Object Oriented Design. Finally, we'll talk about how all of this applies to our every day development tasks, and the real-world benefit these design principles provide...

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Wednesday · 15:45-16:45