Drupal for Customers: A Shift in Our Thinking

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In the beginning, it was so easy. Gather requirements from the customer, draw them up, choose a language, build a website. As more and more open source frameworks came to bear, we found ourselves spending more time discussing the various licenses involved and negotiating features with our customers. Do you really need the banner to blink? What does an -alpha mean? Is it safe for us to use a -dev version of a module if it's an active project? How do we deal with change?

With so many questions and variables thrown into the traditional process of designing software, we've had to change the way we plan, sell, build, scale, and contribute web applications. Join webkenny and his (always) zany cast of characters as we explore what it means to build sites in the fast-moving landscape of Drupal.

We will discuss:

  • Sell. What does it mean to sell Drupal services? How do you set yourself apart?¬†Demystifying the General Public License. Explaining the model to our customers.
  • Plan. The evolving conversation of a project. Meeting requirements with module and library selection. The process of building something that changes every day.
  • Build. Working in rhythm. Provide continuous feedback at all stages of the project.
  • Scale. Understanding our options in the context of our customers.
  • Contribute. Getting customers to understand the value of their contribution to the long-term health of their project.

Through this highly interactive session, we'll take a trip into the process of building a Drupal website and explore what each stage means to us as developers, site builders, customers, and users.

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Tuesday · 17:00-18:00