Drupal Fixed Budget Projects: The Art of Estimates

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In many countries accross Europe, websites projects are bought using fixed budget engagements from vendors.

RFPs we receive have often a very poor level of details, while client still wait for a fixed budget and timeframe.

During this session we'll present how we do at Adyax, bidding on fixed budget projects only to ensure that projects are always delivered and we get some money for it.

Session will cover several key points, like :

  • How to analyse and RFP and convert it to a Drupal Project Plan
  • How to count templates and related charges
  • Reading between the RFPs lines, detect those features that are not clearly described
  • How to avoid being the most expensive bidder by providing options
  • Some sharing about our estimation rules, tips & tricks
  • How to prepare a detailled planning
  • Important risks that can blow up your margins
  • In what Drupal is so different from others CMS / Frameworks
  • How to keep an eye, during the project on your margin
  • How to deal with change requests and evolutions
  • How to make your customer happy even when you ask them more money and/or time
  • 10 usual mistakes that any Drupal Shop do.

Session will be supported with a set of concrete examples...

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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00