Drush - do I really have to use it?

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  • What is this thing called Drush that everyone is talking about?
  • Why do I care about it?
  • What can Drush do for me to make my life easier?

As a site builder you may or may not be familiar with the command line and commands on said command line. Due to this you may never have ventured into the wonderful world of Drush, and cannot imagine why you would ever want to use this strange thing call Drush. In this session we will go over some of the ways Drush can make your life as a site builder so much easier. Using the UI to enable modules, clear cache, etc. can be daunting and take a long time to find what you are looking for. Drush makes these every day tasks so much simpler, but even better, so much faster. Saving you time, and letting you spend more time doing other things, like building out those content types and views.

If you've never used drush, or want to know more about drush, this is the session not to be missed.

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Wednesday · 10:45-11:45