Escaping From Alcatraz - Migration

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  • Have you ever tried to migrate your site from one framework to another?
  • Have you ever tried to upgrade your drupal core from older to newer system?
  • Have you ever come to conclusion that there are less successful implementations?
  • Have you ever tried to escape from .... ?
    • Platform migration, data migration? For past years Drupal has been very successful as a platform for creating small and large scale web applications.
      Recently an emerging problem has become migration from "something" to Drupal.

      Having a smooth data transfer form proprietary and non proprietary systems, from offline to online systems has always been a tough task for technical implementers.

      Recently being involved in massive and sophisticated migration projects. Me and Florian are very thrilled to share our experience with you. We will focus on various examples migrating from unimaginable sources to our beloved Drupal.

      We'll give you a survival kit and action plan to get prepared for your escape from "Alcatraz" !

      And getting your project ashore safely.

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Tuesday · 10:45-:11:45