Everything is Commerce: Beyond the Shopping Cart

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We’re not just talking about a shopping cart any more...Commerce is broader than you think. It’s transactions. Information. Connection. It's taking control of how people interact with a site and optimizing it so that visitors and site owners both get the maximum value - even when no payment is made.

All sites participate in Commerce of some sort. The exchange of ideas is just as important as the exchange of money. Long-time Drupal users in government, education and more are adding Commerce to their sites in increasing numbers. There are so many applications for Commerce, and Drupal Commerce was built to discover them. You should be thinking about Commerce with every project.

Commerce Guys has been building a cohesive set of tools to help everyone in the Drupal community make Commerce a part of their practice. But a tool is only helpful if you know about it. Learn about the current tools (Commerce Kickstart, Commerce Marketplace, Commerce Platform, Commerce Mobile) and discover their roadmaps.

In this session, experts from Commerce Guys and some special guests will show you how Drupal Commerce is a competitive framework for high profile eCommerce projects and how Commerce Guys can help you win large eCommerce bids.

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Commerce Guys
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Tuesday · 10:45-:11:45