Fix me if you can

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Or a a true story about a broken Drupal site. A new site just came to your hands and it is broken in many ways. Lack of Drupal experience led previous developers to commit mistakes in several fronts: even when the site is not broken, editors don’t understand how to maintain it, users complain about its speed, system administrators have seen strange activities in the site and servers and developers take too long to add any feature requested by marketing.

We will start with a white screen of death, then look to site architecture, finding how the site is built and how is the balance made between contributed and custom modules. We will look at the code, configuration, structure and highlight what is commonly wrong with those aspects. When things got in better shape we will figure out why is the site sometimes slow and how did it get hacked recently.

We will work together with the audience, guiding the participants through real examples until we find all the problems in the website and try to get the site back to a normal life.

Drupal is a complex system. In order to have the full picture of what is happening at the different levels it involves experience and exposure to all the layers of the application. With this session and by going through real world examples we expect to ramp up the knowledge of the audience in all of these topics and share our experience working everyday with the largest Drupal websites in the world.

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Tuesday · 15:45-18:00