Install Profiles for Core: We Can Do It!

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Two years ago at DrupalCon London, we asked a simple question: "What features would Drupal Core need to be useful out of the box?" Great news: Drupal 8 has them!

With built-in tools like Views, Entity Relationships, Link and Email fields, a responsive theme, and code-free configuration management, Drupal 8 is ready for action the moment it's installed. The long-standing goal of shipping useful "demo sites" with Drupal core is now feasible!

In this session we'll cover the improvements to Drupal 8 that make use-case-tailored installation profiles feasible, highlight the bugs and issues that still stand in the way, and lay out next steps for building "core only" install profiles that show off just how useful Drupal can be.

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Wednesday · 17:00-18:00