Introducing user-centered design in a 100.000+ person corporation

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How hard it can be to push innovation within a huge corporation that is using Drupal? Marek, who's been known in Drupal community as a Designer, Themer and Developer for over 7 years now, is trying to introduce user centered design, on a Drupal based project, for the past year in his new contract role in one of the largest bank in the world.

In Drupal world we often take default user interface as the best practice and granted that it works as intended. For example, the search button, that has the “Search” word as an action. Have you ever thought about whether that button works for your application? How about a little research to improve its performance?

Marek will tell you the story of a person coming from freelance world to a big rigid corporation. What impact has a detailed research about users behaviour on the project and team members? Is it easy to succeed in changing the mindset that is focused on fulfilling managers wishes aka “success driven approach”™ only and not taking users needs in consideration? How can you stand your ground when presenting your UX improvements when questioned?

After seeing this session you will get an overview on how to introduce user-centered design within any organization or project, what it takes and what role you and team members play in it. You will think about users more (but keeping the business goals in mind). You will learn about research approaches that were taken and how did they help, which you can then apply for your projects and clients to increase conversion rate.

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Tuesday · 13:00-14:00