Make Drupal blazingly fast

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More than 80% of the load times of a web page is spent in the front-end; serving JavaScripts, CSS and other assets make your site really slow.

When trying to optimise the speed of a slow website you might start with investing in more hardware, or tools like Varnish and Memcache. But did you know that it's much easier and cheaper to invest in the front-end? By applying just a few tips you can improve the speed of your website dramatically.

You will learn why focussing on front-end is so important and how to apply some simple tweaks that will improve your site's performance.


  1. Why is speed so important?
  2. Focus on the low-hanging fruit
  3. How to measure?
  4. Serve content in the right order
  5. Less data and less requests
  6. Combine images in sprites using Sass
  7. Configuring Apache
  8. Content Delivery Networks
  9. Related Drupal modules
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Thursday · 13:00-14:00


Hi Baris

Thank you for proposing a session :-)

To what extent - if any :-) - do you intend to touch upon more advanced subjects like async loading of js, AMD, adaptive images and conditional content (to name a few). Just curious?

/ Jesper W√łldiche,
Track chair, frontend

This session sounds like a very comprehensive intro to frontend perf.

Jesper is very conscientious to ask about advanced techniques but those topics are perhaps better for a session marked "advanced"