My Drupal project is rich: have fun and save money!

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Along several years of experience in the project management field, we learnt two golden rules:
1) the developer is always right
2) the project manager will never walk alone

Putting your team members' profiles and skills at the heart of your project management process is surely a key to ensure a successful and happy ending for everyone.

Sitebuilder, Themer, Developer, Technical project manager, Technical director, Drupal Architect, ... here is a lot of people! Who is who and how do you build the perfectly-sized and profiled team for your project?

However, gathering the right people for the right type of project won't be enough for you to make it to the walk of fame. Setting up a rugbymen team in the middle of the field might turn soon enough into a gigantic scrum mess, if you don't give each of them a clear scope of their responsibilities.

In this session, not only will we be talking about scopes and governance, but also about how the empowerment of each of a project’s team members will help you create a virtuous and healthy cycle.

We will be focusing more specifically on big projects' organizations and how Drupal is particularly appropriate.

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Tuesday · 15:45-16:45