Performance Lab

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If you've a project with performance issues, bring it with you (dev environment) we'll work with you on it!

Did you ever experience a slow Drupal site or are you annoyed by the fact that your awesome site is to slow to really enjoy it? Let's have a look together at the bottlenecks of Drupal and how to get around those. The goal of the lab is to provide you knowledge about known bottlenecks in Drupal and strategies to avoid / resolve them. We will provide you an overview about strategies and ready to use modules that will help to optimize your page. After a first overview we will analyze and optimize the sites of as many participants as possible. This ensures that we'll work with real world examples. Reminder:

- Queries
- Entities
- Fields (Rendering)
- Site-Structure
- Synchronous data handling
- Watchdog
- Be aware of form caching
Caching Strategies
- Page caching
- Block caching
- Ctools (Panel) caching
- Passive caching with lifetimes
- Reactive caching
- Cache Actions
- Boost
- Memcache / Redis
- Performance Hacks
- Entity Cache
- How to configure
- Strategies to optimize the hit-rate.
- XhProf
- xDebug
- CacheGrind
- NewRelic
Session Organization (Masterclass):
1. Presentation about Performance and Drupal (45')
2. Fixing Performance Issues of Real Websites of the Audience (90')
Small Breaks during Session (15')

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Tuesday · 13:00-15:15


will attend. looks great

(and make sure to address how to ssl offload before varnish :-)