REST and serialization in Drupal 8

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Drupal 8 makes it just as easy to output your content in formats like JSON and XML as it is to output HTML... even with Views! And with the new REST module in Drupal core, it’s easy for external apps to use that data and to create and maintain content on your site. You may know Drupal 7 contrib modules like Services and RESTWS, now we have a much more flexible and powerful system in core.

In this session, you’ll get an overview of the new REST and serialization systems, with demonstration of their configuration and use. You’ll see how you can extend these tools, adding your own custom formats and REST plugins.

Throughout the talk, we’ll cover key REST principles and also give tips on how to test your setup.

We will also explain how web service interfaces for entities are exposed using Drupal 8's improved Entity API. Access control, working with fields, creating, reading, updating and deleting resources will be covered in our talk.

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Wednesday · 13:00-14:00