Twig and the new theme layer in Drupal 8

Click here to watch Twig and the new theme layer in Drupal 8.

Drupal 8 will have a fancy new template engine (Twig) and a simplified theme layer (we hope). We'll show you the new template syntax (don't worry, it's easy) and walk through some of the major problems in Drupal 7 that have either already been solved in Drupal 8, or that we are still working hard on improving.

Things we're currently improving include:

  • Syntax
  • Consistency
  • Complexity
  • Redundancy
  • Security

Learn about all the changes in the Drupal 8 theme layer, and find out how you can get involved. We want Drupal 8 to be easy for theme developers and people new to Drupal, and also make more sense to the pros.

We still need your help, come learn what we're working on and how to get involved!

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Tuesday · 17:00-18:00



Thank you for submitting a session :-)

I hope to have multiple, targeted sessions about Twig at Drupalcon Prague. Do Would you be interested in targeting your session at a more specific group or purpose - eg. Twig for themes, or Twig templates for contrib (and core) modules - and do you think it would make sense for the session to do so?

It's a friendly question, not a requirement :-)

/ Jesper W√łldiche
Track chair, frontend

Hi Jesper,

This talk is going to be more about the new theme layer in Drupal 8, and twig is a very small part of the changes we are making.

If you are planning other Twig talks, let me re-purpose this one to talk about the rest of the changes, and leave the Twig details to others :)