Universal Media Assets Management in Drupal with the Scald module

Click here to watch Universal Media Assets Management in Drupal with the Scald module.

To celebrate the CMSDay award that Scald module won, for the category "Best Back-Office Innovation" in Paris on June 25th, we'd like to share this successful presentation in Prague, after :

In drupal 6, universal media management in Drupal didn't exist, in drupal 7 it has stayed poor for a long time, and despite Dries' calls, hard community work and major drupal adoption by major medias, it has long stayed a major UX issue.

Since Scald module (http://drupal.org/project/scald) release in 2012, that gap has been filled, and the project has rapidly been benchmarked and adopted by major media users and talented dev(el)opers.

Because the adoption of this community solution has been growing exponentially, Drupalcon Prague will be the perfect time to introduce you to the basic concepts and the new features of the 1.1 release of this media management suite :

  • History of the module : a true Open Source story
  • Scald's main concepts
  • UI guided tour : the Media Library, wisywig integration, atom reference field
  • Guided tour of the Media Atoms providers and supported Media types : classic ones (videos, sounds, images) pdf, soundcloud, embed.ly, twitter, flickr, facebook, kitdigital, instagram, viddler, bean (blocks), datawrapper, gallery, commerce products, views (yes views :) ), your_provider_here
  • New features : inline editing, cut/paste, contextualization in RTE, custom players, responsive design integration, CKEditor integration, Multimedia galleries
  • Use cases and feedback from users
  • Roadmap and announcements

Eventually, this session will be the perfect time/place to answer all your questions, even the ones you dare not ask !

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Tuesday · 14:15-15:15