Using Agency Collaboration to Market Drupal and Grow the Pie

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How to successfully cooperate with fellow agencies to market drupal professionally and grow the pie.

Compared to closed source frameworks, little is written about Drupal. But the market is changing and competition is becoming fierce. Time to grow the pie and one way is to let the world know there is this awesome framework called Drupal.

Drupal deserves a place in the spotlight. Therefor professional Drupal marketing is becoming a necessity. Most Drupal agencies are run by developers who became successful because of a growing demand for drupal developers. Most of them have background in marketing and press/pr.

I have been a Drupal evangelist for more then 7 years. With a professional background in marketing and Drupal i want to share my experience and share some useful tips and pointers with other Drupal agencies. This session will help agencies and local communities in professionalizing their Drupal marketing.

The first part of the presentation is how to market Drupal from an agency of freelancer perspective.
• What can you do to make a stand against proprietary software vendors?
• What can you do to make a stand against professional marketing departments?
• What are the basics of Drupal marketing and advertisement?
• How to organize your social media and events?
• How can we create a press and pr community for Drupal (open source the marketing)

The second part of the presentation will focus on the last bullet: How to organize a local Drupal Business Association with the primary task of marketing Drupal.

• What are the benefits of a local association?
• Rules and regulations
• Code of conduct
• How to create a movement.
• How to work closely together with competitors
• Build a foundation and share the profits.

About half a year ago I co-founded the Dutch Drupal Business Foundation (SDBN). We have a created a substantial budget for marketing and press & pr efforts and professionally promoted Drupal at CMS events! I'd like to share this knowledge!

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Wednesday · 14:15-15:15