Frontend Ops

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We all hear about websites needing to be fast and how frontend is most often the real bottleneck, but how can you keep things humming and get all your work done at the same time? The real solution is finding problems as they occur instead of waiting until launch day to start debugging.

The real solution is frontend ops.

Frontend operations skills will allow you to set up automated testing to catch bugs and regressions when they happen, before you merge to trunk. We'll look at tools like PhantomJS which provide almost endless testing abilities: CSS regressions, log network waterfalls, YSlow scores, and more — all on a per-commit basis :)

Session will be technical and assumes you are both familiar with node.js and some devops stuff such as version control, separate developer environments, and (in some cases) the ability to automate tasks using a tool like Jenkins.


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Wednesday · 15:45-16:45