DrupalCon Prague opens the call for content

The DrupalCon Prague team welcomes you to submit to our call for content for our September conference.

Why content, not papers? Well, the DrupalCon program has changed since we last did the call. We've listened to feedback from DrupalCon attendees, and we're hoping our new direction will really resonate with our audience. In addition to our regular great offerings of Sessions, BoFs, CXO, Keynotes and Training, we're excited to roll out a few new initiatives.


What are labs? Labs are just like sessions, only longer. Sessions are great for getting out new information, and sometimes 60 minutes leaves you wanting more. Well we're answering that want by opening our call for lab trainers to submit their instructive demonstration, discussion topic, or master class with live bug fixing. Learn more about Labs and submit your proposal.

Community Summit

We felt it was a tad Ironic that the Drupal Community, which is so active, has one of the lowest attended tracks. When we started to dig down into what the root cause of this could be, it became pretty obvious that it was DrupalCon which was conflicting with attendance. So we decided to make everyone's lives easier and untangle the community content out of the middle conference and give it the attention it deserves, as full day event dedicated to all things community.

Led by Addison Berry (add1sun) and Mortendk we're hoping that this day becomes a beneficial working day for the community's biggest advocates and leaders. We will dive deep into the immediate issues and pain points involved with leading and participating in the Drupal Community and work to resolve these issues together.

Extended Sprints and Mentoring

We're seeing a dramatic increase in the number of Drupal participants who arrive early and leave late so they can contribute more time to in-person sprints at the Con. For this reason, we're extending the conference sprints to begin on Monday for our hard-core contributors, with 24 hour access in the Supporting Partner Coder Lounge for our dedicated sprinters.

Interested in leading a sprint at DrupalCon? Send us your sprint initiative so we can post it for others to find.

Our sprint leads will also be onsite in Prague from Tuesday-Friday of the conference helping onboard new contributors to Drupal. If you're interested in serving as a Sprint Mentor for new contributors, you can sign up to help. If you want to contribute to Drupal, there are plenty of ways to make that happen at DrupalCon!

DrupalCon Prague Call for Content closes 12 July

Now is your chance to be part of this new community-driven direction, so don't wait to send us your your session or training proposal.

Submit a Session

Propose a Training

Reserve your hotel room

If you like to plan ahead, we encourage you to reserve your hotel room at the Corinthia Prague. The Corinthia is the official hotel of the DrupalCon Prague conference, and is conveniently located across a footbridge from the Prague Congress Centre. We have a limited number of rooms reserved at this hotel, so we encourage you to reserve your room now and check this off your travel to-do list!

DrupalCon Prague is 23-27 September in Prague, Czech Republic. Learn more at prague2013.drupal.org.