Automating and linking together web services and APIs using the Rules module

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You probably know about the Rules module and about its power to define conditionally executed actions based on occurring events in Drupal. But what if you could react on external events also? For example if someone is retweeting one of your tweets or you get a comment on your Facebook page? And how about having actions available for writing facebook posts, retweeting, posting flickr images and more? Wouldn't it be awesome? Yes it is!

This session is about using Rules with popular web services like Twitter, Dropbox, flickr or Facebook. We introduce the flux Services Integration module suite, present some usecases and show you how to setup authentications and how to configure your Rules, step-by-step.

Session overview:

  • Short introduction how to use the Rules module in general
  • How to configure service provider endpoints (like your Twitter App)
  • How to configure service provider accounts (like your Twitter Account)
  • A couple of usecases will be presented as step-by-step-guides and will include:
    -- Posting facebook posts on twitter,
    -- Autogenerate twitter lists based on hashtags,
    -- Sending e-mail notifications when there are new RSS feed items,
    -- Scheduling retweets using two twitter accounts,
    -- Saving flickr images/tweets/facebook posts as Drupal entities
    -- and more ...
  • Caveats, tips and tricks
  • What web services and APIs are currently supported?
  • More ideas how to use this functionality
  • Features we are working on

Do you think we should include another interesting usecase? Just comment and let us know - maybe we'll pick it! :-) By the way, all presented usecases will be available as screencasts!

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Wednesday · 14:15-15:15